Equitable Patient Education


Prevent avoidable errors in patient education

Patient education is a cornerstone of care. This course reveals often-overlooked barriers to improving access and quality of care and services--and how these can be addressed.

Course Outcomes

Learners report this course will help them improve

  • Patient interaction
  • Registration numbers
  • Attendance rates
  • Community partners' interest
  • Number of phone calls
  • Number of patients being admitted to case management

Target audience

This hybrid course is designed to meet the educational needs of Nurses, Community Health Workers, Clinicians, Health Educators, and Patient Navigators

Course overview

Build organizational capacity

by empowering team members with tools to address disparities at a granular level

In-depth look at 6 common educational scenarios

revealing hidden barriers to access

Live Q&A

for practical application and follow-through


“Educators could really benefit from this. Quality improvement folks, too. Anyone trying to change policy or develop infrastructure."

"Your perspective is aligned with much of our other trainings--motivational interviewing, cultural humility, and trauma informed care--with a slightly different angle that is provocative and interesting.”

"This is so needed! There are tons of tools and great information out there, but it takes a special skillset to translate that knowledge into practice."

“There's a lot of eye-opening information I hadn’t considered before.”

“This course helped me look at myself as an educator and helped me to 'step back' and analyze how I can be a better nurse.”

“It has allowed me to reflect on my style of providing education to my patients...Thank you”


Designed to help meet goals in

  • Quality Improvement
  • Patient Education
  • Patient Experience
  • Health Equity

Drawn from years of experience educating health practitioners across the nation 

Distraction-free course platform on any device
Distraction-free course platform on any device

Courses + Action

This hybrid course features world-class instructional design.

Using the flipped classroom model, Dr. Liebel combines video-based and live learning to increase follow-through and application of what has been learned.

Participants watch approximately one hour of self-paced videos. There is a live, post-course group meeting when all participants have finished the course to allow for discussion, questions, and follow-through.

Standard Course

$95/user 10 user minimum*
  • Quick, convenient, and accessible
  • Includes 1 hour live Q&A
  • Pre + Post Test
  • Reflective prompts & activities
  • *Tiered pricing available

Custom Course

from $199/user 10 user minimum
  • Customized for your organization
  • Hybrid or Live course options
  • Certification available
  • Expert-led
  • Includes live discussion

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