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Leaders across the health sector face many of the same challenges when it comes to advancing health equity. HCP provides technical assistance, innovative research strategies, and workforce development.

Technical Assistance

We provide targeted support to organizations, working jointly with your staff for minimum friction and maximum impact. One-on-One consultations, small group facilitation, and peer learning enable practitioners to gain the knowledge and skills needed to improve outcomes. Topics include:

  • Embedding equity in communication processes and products
  • Communities of Practice
  • Continuous improvement in equitable patient education
  • Cross-sector communication


Expand access to programs, research, and resources through our specialized communication research support. Advancing health equity means identifying and managing obstacles to equity in the process of conducting research. We take equity lenses on study design, methodology, and analysis, to help researchers:

  • Expand access by identifying and addressing obstacles to equity in communication
  • Increase impact by including issues of culture, intersectional contexts, and power in empirical studies
  • Extend reach by shifting from a deficit-based to a resource-based model on patients and communities

Workforce Development

Our Courses + Action process provides practitioners with information, tools and experiential learning across the career span. World-class instructional design in live and hybrid formats. Ready-made or customized courses available on topics including:


“Rigorous, totally engaged! Dr. Liebel is able to take difficult concepts and not only break them down and make them simpler, but give examples that people who have no background or training in health literacy or communication can relate to.”

–Marita K. Murrman, Ed.D., M.S., Professor of Sociomedical Sciences at CUMC, Mailman School of Public Health Columbia University

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