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A Sustainable Process to Strengthen Your Equity Strategy

Leaders in all areas of health care face many of the same challenges when it comes to more equitable communication. It’s likely you have an equity strategy in place, but may have stalled in implementation. Our evidence-based approach helps you integrate equitable communication into your existing workflows so you’re systematically and sustainably building health equity into core functions.


We provide program evaluation, faculty and workforce development, and research support, including:

  • Consultants to assist on existing research projects, help advise upcoming projects, and analyze existing data
  • Program evaluation on health literacy, communication, education, and equity
  • Faculty development on equity and its connections to education, mentoring, curriculum, and instruction
  • Workforce development on interprofessional and multisector communication
  • Grant-funded research

Participants will:

  • Improve communication with a goal of being culturally and linguistically responsive
  • Analyze and optimize existing communication and education processes based on CLAS standards, adult learning principles, and health literacy guidelines
  • Advance health equity and improve health outcomes
  • Expand access to quality, affordable health care
  • Promote value-based, person-centered care
  • Get support for existing and upcoming projects

Our Courses + Action process is ideal for any patient-facing role in public health as well as instructors and leaders in academic centers and government, including:

  • Community health workers (CHWs)
  • Home health workers
  • Public health professionals
  • Medical educators
  • Health educators
  • Governmental public health
  • NGOs

“Dr. Liebel helped my colleagues and I appreciate that all of us strive to make sense of our world, and a significant part of our job as professionals is to recognize and start at our patient’s level of understanding.  That insight coupled with Dr. Liebel’s synthesis of the research literature on effective physician-patient communication was helpful for us to further pursue patient-centered care.”

— Ralph A. Gillies, PhD MCG Associate Dean of Faculty Development, Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University


“Rigorous, totally engaged! Dr. Liebel is able to take difficult concepts and not only break them down and make them simpler, but give examples that people who have no background or training in health literacy or communication can relate to.”

–Marita K. Murrman, Ed.D., M.S., Professor of Sociomedical Sciences at CUMC, Mailman School of Public Health Columbia University

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