What we do

Health literacy, patient education, and health communication support

  • Culturally and linguistically appropriate resources and capacity-building

  • Evidence-based approaches built on adult learning principles and health literacy guidelines

  • Group training on-site or online, tailored to your groups' needs and resources

  • Add health literacy component to existing research or quality initiatives

From individual patient relationships to population health management

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“Our facilitators appreciated the dialogue raising awareness of microaggressions and the challenges related to how bias plays into our relationships, while also exchanging ideas on how others in the group have managed similar challenges.”

Amy Windover, Ph.D. Director, Center for Excellence in Healthcare Communication, Cleveland Clinic

Who We Serve

Care Providers

Public Health Professionals

Patient Educators

Community Health Workers

Medical Educators

Undergraduate and Graduate Health Professions Students

Patient Mediators

Digital Health Professionals

  • "Dr. Liebel helped my colleagues and I appreciate that all of us strive to make sense of our world, and a significant part of our job as professionals is to recognize and start at our patient’s level of understanding.  That insight coupled with Dr. Liebel’s synthesis of the research literature on effective physician-patient communication was helpful for us to further pursue patient-centered care."
    Ralph A. Gillies, PhD MCG Associate Dean of Faculty Development, Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

Listen to "3 hints for organizations' implicit bias training"

Podcast Episode from "10 Minutes to Better Patient Communication"

  • “You are sharing things that can make our lives easier. That can make our days better. That can help people be more efficient at communication so they get more done, and the patient knows more!”
    J.M., Oncologist