Digital health literacy

Digital health tools seek to meet the health and wellness needs of all patient populations. Yet...
  • Most digital health information is written in a way inaccessible to most Americans

  • As many as 9 in 10 Americans struggle with health information

We know digital health literacy

Make the most of your tool's content and your team's expertise

Improve the use and applicability of health tools by aligning written and visual content with health literacy guidelines

Deliver clear, accurate, actionable information that is culturally and linguistically appropriate

Boost engagement with your tools

Reach audiences of various health literacy levels

Maintain high-quality development standards

Bridge the gap between health experts and IT experts

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  • “Our site usage dipped. I was looking for ways to boost site engagement and improve the way we were communicating with our users. Things we thought we were doing with our site, weren’t really working. Dr. Liebel pointed out that some of our images, words, and other ways of communicating with users were not meeting health literacy guidelines. This was hard to hear, but important to note, so we could do what we wanted to do (and thought we were doing)!”
    Dr. Carole Hutchinson, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, administrator for

Digital Health Literacy Support

"Those organizations and entities that embrace and adopt health literate principles early will gain a strategic advantage over the competition."

(Hudson, S., and R. V. Rikard. 2018. Commentary, National Academy of Medicine)

It all starts with a thorough evaluation of your health content so you can...

Meet or exceed federal and national level recommendations

Enhance readability and understanding of multimodal content

Reach varied patient populations

Make the most of your digital health tools

What we do

Evaluate patient- and consumer-facing written, visual, and digital content, to meet health literacy guidelines while maintaining consistent brand standards.

Support your team’s ability to meet or exceed federal agency health literacy guidelines in each phase of development.

Provide resources to support health literacy best practices in content, layout, and product feedback collection.

Who we serve

Digital Health Software Developers

Purchasers of Digital Health Tools

Healthcare Marketers

Telehealth Teams

Digital Health Project Teams

Hotspotting Teams

  • We call on developers to build “health literate apps”—apps that apply both usability and health literacy strategies throughout the development process.
    IOM Roundtable on Health Literacy’s Collaborative on New Technologies

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