Introducing the HCP Communication Skills Practice App

  • Clinical communication

    Introductions, breaking bad news, conveying empathy

  • Public health

    Talking to policymakers, Community Health Worker training

  • Your own personal script

    Rehearse to prompts, use wording natural to you

  • Customized

    Different prompts for different scenarios

Help your communication efforts have the impact you want

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  • “You are sharing things that can make our lives easier. That can make our days better. That can help people be more efficient at communication so they get more done, and the patient knows more!”
    JM, Oncologist

When it needs to stick


Reinforce training

Replace in-person communication skills practice

Practice on-the-go

Powerful tools

For Instructors and Administrators

A structured way to teach communication skills

Reinforce or replace in-person skills practice

Your curriculum or ours

Data generated at group and individual level

Validated tool for empirical research

Proof that communication is being implemented correctly


  • A safe space to make mistakes
    different prompts for different specialties & settings

See for yourself

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